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Pharaoh's Chamber - A Cursed Tomb

You have successfully passed through all 12 of the black hell gates and are deep in the heart of Egypt's oldest pyramid in Pharaoh Khufu's Chamber. Legend has it this Chamber is cursed and all who remain in it longer than 60 minutes will have their souls removed from their bodies and be destined to guard the Pharaoh's tomb and his treasure for all eternity.

You are the 100th raider of this tomb; the 99 that have come before you are believed to have perished in the chamber though no bodies have ever been found. You have 1 hour to find his treasure and light all the flames of the gods in order to escape; otherwise you will, as those before you, be forced to remain at the Pharaoh's side forever.

Are you Ready to Escape?

Room 33 - A Mysterious Journey

It is 1675, China. You are the guards of KangXi, Emperor and great ruler of the mighty Qing Dynasty. The Emperor has many beautiful and priceless treasures in his palace but none so precious as his bronze vase. For legend has it, as long as the vase stays in the Emperors possession his dynasty will prosper and live on forever.

But, one night, whilst on your watch, the vase disappears. When the emperor wakes and finds out what has happened he is overcome with rage and blames you for its loss and orders your execution to be carried out the very next day.

That night, whilst sitting awake in your cell, a mysterious stranger comes to your aid. They break you out of your cell and lead to you a time machine. They tell you to travel forward in time, to the present day, to Room 33 of the British museum, where that exact same vase is now held. You will need to break into the museum, find and steal the vase, and escape back to the time portal before it closes in just 1 hours time.

Are you Ready to Escape?