What we are great for

Our uniqueness makes our games great for everyone!

Bachelor/Hen Parties

What better way to celebrate the end of your freedom than to be locked inside a room with your closest friends? Escape Rooms gladly welcomes Stag and Hen parties. Fancy dress is encouraged!

Birthday Parties

You are one year older, but are you any wiser? Come to Escape Rooms to test your puzzle-solving abilities! Bring your friends along and celebrate your birthday in our fun, alternative rooms.

Family or Friend get-togethers

Escape Rooms is a great way to have a fun time with your family, your friends or your significant other. It tests your team skills and, who knows, you may become the next Watson and Holmes!

Team Building Events

Get out of the office and lock yourself up in a themed room with puzzles! Escape Rooms is a fun alternative to conference rooms and dull icebreakers. You may even beat your boss! That is a reason for a promotion!


If you’re visiting London as a tourist, Escape Rooms is the perfect indoor activity for when the wet weather gets too much.

4D Experience

If you want to experience 4D escape rooms which test all your senses, our wide range of themed rooms and interactive puzzles will immerse you within the game.

Unique themed Rooms

Our rooms are completely unique, with theme not even replicated within our competitors in London. You could, even, play all our rooms and gain a diverse experience each time.

Challenging and Fun Rooms

The difficulty of each puzzle varies but who doesn’t love a good challenge? We endeavour to ensure a fun and fulfilling experience for all.

Latest blog posts

Check our blog posts for tips and thoughts about our games written by our own Game Masters!
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ERIC: Things we’re taking away.

This year the Escape Rooms Industry Conference was held at the CEME in London and it pulled together some of the industry’s best to speak;

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The flow in an Escape Room

I would like to talk about the flow in an escape room. By this term I don’t mean the game flow but the psychological state of mind also known as being in the zone.

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It's Our Birthday!

Whilst it’s customary on your birthday to receive gifts, we, at Escape Rooms, decided that this year we’d give back.

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