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Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Rooms World Championship

What is it?

Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Rooms World Championship is a global tournament designed to find the best escape room team. Having just finished its second year of competitions, teams must compete both online and offline in order to qualify. The best team from each country will be picked to represent their home in the final. The final in 2019 was based in London, right around the corner from us!

This year's room was designed by Dr. Scott Nicholson and his students. Dr. Scott Nicholson is an American Professor of Game Design & Development at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, so he knows his way around creating both virtual and physical games. In an interview with Red Bull when asked what makes these games different to traditional escape rooms, Nicholson states ‘We recognized that we were creating a spectator sport with this escape room, so wanted to focus on challenges that would be more active and visual, and that would keep the team working together during most challenges,’ basically meaning that elements of escape rooms like padlocks were virtually none existent. On their website, Red Bull Mind-Gamers describe this year's room as ‘designed to challenge 6 problem-solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy.’ The game is an adventure from start to finish, allowing the teams to be fully immersed into their reality.

How do you get involved?

Well sadly, you've missed out on the 2019 competition but there's always next year to get involved with. To participate, you and your team must first qualify online. After playing the Qualification Mode from the Single player Game you can directly create your own team by coming up with a team name and inviting additionally 3 team members via email. After all your team members accepted your invite you can claim a spot at your local qualifiers. You will all need to compete under the same country in order to qualify for the global competition. As I've already mentioned, one team per country is picked to compete. That is phase one.

Phase two is offline games, held in 23 different counties; from Australia to Germany, India, Estonia, over the USA to Brazil. The teams that average below 5 minutes in the online games will compete in this next stage against others within their location. The winner of these games will proceed through to the final, a complicated escape room. The rest is up in the air still considering the 2019 final was just this past weekend.

As long as you're over 16, you can enter to get involved with these games. We've met some incredible teams over the years who I believe would excel at the Red Bull Mind-Gamers Escape Rooms World Championship.

The 2019 winners were Brainteaselava, from Slovakia, who puzzled their way through to escape the 2-day tournament first place. Congratulations!!!

Will you enter?

What have you got to lose?

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